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Create preferences dialog to control server port Create icon for options dialog (iPhone icon?) 32×32 Call the extension Telescope, also includes Lens and Wings Get original rsh.js file, to remove the Safari bugs I've introduced Get permission to use Gonzo images (who is author? ask on forums) Get a better header sorting function Implement Search works as I think, array of properties with array length on the end (doesnt seem to!) Speed up long list enumeration (see below) Ask how to enumerate a view, is there an enumerateByProperty method like for lists?

Implement press and hold functionality (pops up a list) Implement hooks in component to allow extensions to their own links (see above)

Implement playlist editing (for v2!) Can we control Scrolling in Javascript? If so implement in Search and possibly vertical bar window.scroll(0,150); horizontal and vertical scroll targets Add functionality so we can scroll through a list of options in the now playing view (e.g. mashTape info, lyrics), add hook for extensions, and save this state in a cookie Implement HTML5 Audo component to play mp3 files. (Or add m3u link to play button).