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-====== Telescope ====== 
-{{:​telescope_icon.png|}} Telescope is a Songbird addon that provides a web service interface and a mobile-focused web ui for controlling your songbird player. 
-Telescope also includes Lens, which is a http server written as a javascript XPCOM component. This can be used standalone (requires the components/​awIHttpServer.xpt file, components/​httpd.js and modules/​HTTPUtils.js,​ with the Cu.import line in httpd.js adapted for your extension chrome directory). 
-By default, when telescope is installed it is available at http://​localhost:​3689/​ , and the web service at http://​localhost:​3689/​service/​ . This the the DAAP protocol port, as DAAP support is on the TODO list. The port can be changed in the Add-On options box. (This requires a restart of Songbird). 
-===== Table of Contents ===== 
-  * Features 
-  * [[telescope_todo|TODO List]] 
-  * [[telescope_webservice|Web service API]] 
-  * [[telescope_extension_api|Extension API]] 
-  * [[dacp|DACP Documentation]]